Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boy or Girl?!

This past weekend was spent celebrating my hubby's childhood best friend (and his best man at our wedding!) and his wife as they gear up to welcome their first little keiki (child in Hawaiian) in January!

Since they live in Ontario,  we unfortunately don't get to see them as often we would like but fortunately (for them and definitely for us!), Lucas works for WestJet so they can get over here relatively easily*!

Lucas' mom arranged Claire's baby shower and a BBQ for their friends and family and I was dying to bake! They won't be finding out what they are having so I used this as the perfect excuse to make two different kinds of cupcakes - cherry chip with almond icing for my "girl" flavour and chocolate coconut with coconut icing for my "boy" flavour.

Check them out!

How perfect are these in mini size too?!

We had such a great time with everyone and 
we couldn't be more thrilled for the arrival of the new little babe!

See you in a couple days for Aloha Friday!

*Being a child of an airline pilot, I use the phrase "relatively easily" very loosely. Flying standby ain't no joke, people... 

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